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Orhan Dursun

E-commerce/Overseas Sales

Step into the Global Marketplace Adventure!

As the navigator of our Overseas Sales endeavors here at Uj Group, I extend a hearty welcome to you. Embark with us on an exhilarating journey through the boundless world of international trade.

In a digital age where borders blur and connections transcend geographical limitations, our mission is to pioneer new pathways to global markets. As the architect of our international sales strategies, I am committed to charting courses that seamlessly bridge cultures and continents.

Join us at Uj Group as we embrace the thrilling challenges and endless possibilities of the global marketplace. Together, let's set sail toward new horizons and unprecedented success.

Warm regards,

Orhan Dursun Overseas Sales Manager, Uj Group

+1 713 777 1000

Orhan Dursun
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